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Clayton Racicot is a photographer originally from Calgary Alberta now residing in Vancouver British Columbia.

In 2008 I moved to Vancouver for a new adventure in my life, I grew up with a complete devotion to bikes, pedal, motor, dirt, street, didn't matter as long as I was on two wheels, I was in my meditation. My strength was in the downhill mountain bike discipline, racing competitively at a pro/elite level up until 2006, that was the year I decided the injury toll was high enough to 'retire' my number plate. But I never hung up the bike, I moved west to ride even more, the North Shore, Whistler, Squamish and more... 

Immediately after moving I felt the need to give back to the bike community that gave me so much love, I wandered into my local camera store which I purchased my first Nikon dSLR, instantly I was hooked.  I quit the day job during 2009-2010 to take my photography to the next level achieving an advanced diploma at VanArts Media College. 

Today I am a full time Creative Director with an extreme sports protection company which is allowing me to expand my photography into new fields including, graphic design, videography and video editing. 

I am not exclusive to sports and athletes, I shoot a multitude of things, I enjoy long exposures seen in Collection 1, Street Photography - Collection 2, product and still work and even more portraiture, I do the occasional wedding and engagements too.

Scroll down and send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

 - Clayton


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